I was born in 1963 in Palestine, TX and spent my younger years here – all through high school.
Shortly after graduating high school I entered law enforcement and was a patrol officer for around 14 1/2 years.  I got out of law enforcement and entered the IT field and started working for municipal agencies for several more years.

I’ve been around the “communications” aspect of technology since the mid 80’s.  I ran a mutli-node BBS in the Dallas area for several years and then after moving back to Palestine I got involved in the internet and began running forums.  I recently brought the forums I had online offline due to losing interest in it – was becoming more of a job than the hobby it was original supposed to be.

I have now started learning how to play the guitar and am planning on also learning the banjo and possibly the mandolin.

I’ve been married to Tanya Perry since May 1984.  We have two children, Jonathan and Ashley.
We also now have 5 fur babies.  Three of them are mini Dachshunds, one is a mix mini Dachshund/Chihuahua and the other is a Collie/Red Heeler mix.