And my GAS is satisfied for a while

Well, I’m picking up the guitar better than I thought I would.  Who would have thought I’d still remember some of what I was taught in band back in Jr. High.

I had one more guitar style that I was wanting to get.  I’ve been contemplating an electric also because I do like rock music, and the electric fits that bill so well.  Ended up finding a nice Les Paul Special Plus 2016 Limited Run in natural finish that I really liked.  It’s wood finish is kind of neat with a 2 tone look for the top/bottom halves.  It’s something that one would either like or hate, and it happened that I really like it.



Also have a Fender StratoCaster (the MiM – Made in Mexico) coming in also.


And yes, I need to figure out how to mess with the amps.  Not familiar with them yet!  This is me just playing around with the Les Paul and the new amp.  The LP is a LOT different than playing with the Martin’s.


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