Camping time back on!

Well, Tanya finally decided we should go looking for travel trailers since our old Winnebago lost its battle with the elm tree.

We were wanting another Winnebago but were open to other trailers while we were looking for another one.
We went over to the old Gander Mountain in Tyler where they sell trailers from different manufacturers.  

They had one Winnebago trailer on the lot and it was used, which knocked it out of consideration.  Shortly after the older trailer had been totaled out we had stopped at a Winnebago dealer in Flint and found a layout that we liked.  By the time we had decided on getting it, the dealership had already sold it and was not getting any more in with that floor plan.  

In her spare time Tanya got to looking for the model we liked (2401RG) and found one in Sealy.  She called them up and they confirmed that they still had the 2401RG in their lot.  We placed a down payment for a hold to be placed on it and then went to our bank to get financing lined up.  Once that was done we drove down and picked the trailer up and drove it back from Sealy.  Over-all the trip was a pleasant one once I got the weight distributing hitch set up.

Truck & travel trailer

Now all we need is some decent weather so we can go camp.