Goodbye to old vehicle, hello to new

Well, after figuring out the Toyota 4Runner was overloaded (tongue weight) on the trailer with it loaded, we decided it was time to upgrade to a truck instead.  We’ve been really happy with the Toyota products we have owned so we went to look at a Tundra.  Ended up finding one we liked and traded the 4Runner and our old trusty 1996 Ford F-250 diesel truck in on it.

Here the new one is parked at the dealer as we were signing papers for it.  It had just come off the truck and had a whole 3 miles on it.  It doesn’t get as good of mileage as the 4Runner did, but I really didn’t expect it to as it’s a bigger engine and a larger vehicle.

The 4Runner averaged around 16mpg in town and with the Tundra we are getting around 13.4.