July 4th weekend

After many months of waiting (due to Covid-19), our State Parks have finally opened up for reservations.  We’ve had the trailer coming up on a year now and have only made one outing in it, partially due to weather and then Covid-19 having all the camp sites shut down.  

I made reservations at Purtis Creek State Park for us for a 3 day weekend.  When I made our reservations there were about 23 camp sites still open in the park.  Upon checking 2 days later, all available camp sites with electricity/water hookups were reserved.  When I made the reservations I really didn’t think about it being the July 4th weekend, but looks like the weather is going to be decent and social distancing is not an issue with the size of the camp sites.  Our 4 little dogs will be going with us as we try to get them trained to being used to traveling as they’re not being used to it limits the length of time we can camp as they are used to having a doggy door to go out to take care of their business.

Gave the trailer a wash to get all the dust build-up off of it and checked the roof to make sure the seams are sealed, replaced the battery in the smoke alarm since it was out and re-distributed some of the pass-through load to the rest of the trailer to reduce the tongue weight some.

Once we are on-site I’ll be uploading some photos of our site and others as well as some sunsets using the new iPhone 11 Pro to see if it is what they say it is.