Don’t buy a guitar from Guitar Center on the web and have it delivered and expect it to have any more done to it than it being boxed up and shipped to you.

The new Martin 00-17SE that I got in had 5 of the strings so loose they were felt like yarn strings.  One of the strings was so tight that when you strummed it, the string broke.  Now I get to order (which I need to do anyway) new strings for both it and the OM-28.  Good thing I have the OM-28 for my lesson later today or I’d have to use the Taylor 114ce.  I’ll pick up some D’Addario nickel plated if they have them at the shop when I go in tomorrow for lessons and replace the strings myself.  I could drive over to Tyler and see what Guitar Center is willing to do about it, but that’s 2 hours round trip.  It would be cheaper to buy the strings locally and replace them myself – not to mention the fact I need to learn to do it anyway.

I was pleased with the appearance and sound.. but NOT happy about the lack of tuning.  You would think for $2000 they would at least ship the guitar somewhat in tune.  If this is their standard practice, it’s no wonder that they are having financial difficulties.

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