New toy for Tanya

Tanya has been bitten by the photography bug.

We’ve had a Nikon D40 since it was released (around 2005/2006) and have used it quite a bit.  After the lens motor breaking on the trip back from California on me in 2010 due to the cold, I had put the camera up and never got around to ordering a new lens for it.  Needless to say, when Tanya mentioned that she wanted to take up photography as a hobby (I’ve been after her to find something she enjoys) I started tearing the house up to find the camera body.  I knew that I had taken the battery out and sealed the body up and put it up “somewhere safe” so I could find it later.  Well, after about a week of hunting for it I finally found it.  Ordered some certified refurbished lenses off of Amazon for the Nikon and once one of them came in (the other is STILL in shipping status with a due date of 07/11/2017 – already missed).
Tanya started getting into the camera stuff, wanting to know more and more about it so we purchased her a book that covers a later model of camera (the D3200) and also a book for PhotoShop.  She’s been reading them and catching on pretty well.

Well, since the Nikon we have is over 10 years old and they do have a “life span” on them, I ended up ordering her a new Nikon D7200 (not the latest model but it has features that the newer one has had removed) for her to learn on.  It came in yesterday (07/12/2017) and she’s been reading the manual of it (a first as far as I can remember!).
It’s a really well built camera and hopefully it will meet her requirements for the next couple of years – other than maybe needing newer/better lenses.

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