Second outing in TT

We took our second outing in the travel trailer to Purtis Creek State Park over the weekend of August 24-26.  On this one we took Skipper (our oldest mini Doxie) with us.  He had been camping with us back when we first got him about 16 years ago when we had our big travel trailer and the kids were still here and younger.  He had a blast and saw a few rabbits that he wanted to give chase to and several lizards.  He also wanted to go nose-to-nose with an opossum that was messing around the camp site when I took him out on Saturday night to make a potty break.

It was rather hot and we had the AC on the trailer freeze up on us twice on Saturday but it was around 100 degrees and the humidity was high.  After letting the AC defrost I adjusted the temp upwards so the compressor would cycle and we had no more issues, which was nice.

Grabbed a nice photo of the moon coming up over the lake on Saturday evening also.