Tanya and I were shopping over in Tyler and went into Best Buy.  While she was looking at TV’s and home stereo equipment I was back in the automotive sound section comparing the different head units on display. 

Our new Tundra had a Entune Plus head unit in it and it had no navigation other than a compass in the mirror.  I had mentioned to Tanya that eventually I’d like to get an after-market HU for the truck that had wireless Apple Carplay and navigation built in.  I was messing around with the HU’s on the display (specifically the Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX).  I was explaining what all it was capable to her and that it was similar to what I wanted to get for the truck (Pioneer AVIC-W4500NEX). One of the sales associates walked up and asked if he could help us and before I could say no Tanya asked if he had the 8500NEX in stock.  They had it and a 8400NEX.  She told him that we’d take the 8500NEX.  The GeekSquad couldn’t get it put in any time soon but set up an appointment for install on July 18.  We went ahead and paid for the head unit and left Best Buy for home.  

Called our local audio shop (whom I would rather use since they were local) and asked when they could schedule a head unit install and the front desk person asked me to hold on and she would check.  When she came back she asked if 15 minutes from then would be OK.  I laughed and told her I had to wait for some iData stuff to come in so that the steering wheel controls on the Tundra would work and that allowed the install to be pretty much plug & play.  Parts came in and install day rolled around and had the install done.  A little later that day the volume control started going to zero with no input on all audio sources.  Went back to the audio shop where we confirmed that the wiring was correct but apparently a harness was plugged into the Maestro RR that was not supposed to be. The Maestro support said it should not have hurt anything and to simply unplug that plug.  Even after doing that the converter showed error LED’s and the sound continued to do the same thing.

Since the wiring harness was already in place I drove back over to Best Buy and purchased a new Maestro RR (last one they had) and drove back home and took the old one out and installed the new one.  The volume control then worked as designed.  Since I had gotten the from Amazon I got a return authorization and sent it back for a refund.

Now my next project for the truck is new speakers all the way around and possibly putting a sub behind the passengers seat.  Have to find a box that will fit behind the CrewMax seats first though.